Friday, July 13, 2012

How To: Configuration Based References

So you want to include/exclude references based on your solution configuration. In Visual Studio you can specify solution configuration modes and in the properties of your projects you can have their settings differ based on the mode you put your solution into. For instance, if you have code that only should be run in debug mode, you can place a fragment of code that gets built when your solution is in debug mode. When you select release mode, this fragment is skipped during the build process and your application is none the wiser.

Modifying an internet request with a proxy rule *(fiddler rule)

I was approached to help increase the usability of a script a friend of mine wrote. This script he wrote manipulates the page and you have to put it into the address bar after you have loaded your page.

Ajax Lesson

NOTE : This lesson uses jQuery as the interface for basic AJAX work. By no means is AJAX a product of jQuery and you do not need jQuery to ...